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Improvement & High Standards In Everything You Do 



At Jackpot we provide insight, clarity and collaboration between the athletes, their parents and the club. Our vision is to provide this information in an effort to elevate coaching, minimize conflict, and benefit both the athlete and the club!


Our team sets baselines and encourages role clarity at the beginning of the season, while periodically monitoring assessment of the season and player development. We work with the team on having the right mindset going into a game or championship!


Shoot us a message and get in touch with us today if you are interested in piloting our beta version of Jackpot Consulting! We only have space for 5 more clubs, so reach out as soon as possible, you won't regret it.


Our mission is to create a safe pipeline for athletes to openly connect with club directors and coaches in an effort to uncover coaching opportunities, team dynamic concerns and to improve the success of the club on and off the court.  


This mission stems from witnessing numerous athletes be subjected to abusive coaching and language while too afraid to speak up for fear of retaliation by the coach or losing placement on the team.  Knowing that coaches can make changes in their approach has sparked this idea.  Providing this unbiased information to the club is priceless, it allows them to improve their coaching, retain coaches, retain athletes and achieve high levels of performance. 


Jackpot Consulting is working towards minimizing conflict and insuring that all athletes are being developed in their sport and also protected from any physical or mental harm. 


I felt sick to my stomach going to every practice and cried the second I got into the car after.  I begged my parents not to say anything to my coach or the club for fear of being benched.  My mom finally cracked and talked with the club owner, he made immediate changes and we did much better as a team, I only wish it had occurred earlier.  This season hindered my recruiting ability and my mental state.

- Anonymous Athlete

Being new to a team, my teammates were angry that I took the starting position of one of their friends.  During competition they were physically abusing me and the coaches didn’t see it.  After months of this abuse, I found the courage to email my coach about this and it was taken care of immediately.  I wish they knew earlier.

- Anonymous Athlete

My coach is a great coach!  We had so much fun, we were really good and extremely successful, until slight changes were made to the team and it through us into a tailspin.  Many of us knew that this small change adjusted our ability to win, we never said anything and it continued through the end of the season.

- Anonymous Athlete

At 12-year-old girls’ soccer, we got a new coach who normally coached 16-year-old boys and he was so hard on us.  Saying things he probably shouldn't have and we were all miserable.  Many parents complained to the club and this coach made adjustments to his coaching style.  He ended up being one of my all-time favorite coaches and I even took private lessons from him.  Good coaches can adjust if they know.

- Anonymous Athlete

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